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Sikandir Irfan
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Personal Info

Name: Sikandir Irfan
Fathers Name: Muhammad Khan
Religion: Islam

Political Info

Constituency: PK-35 Swabi-V

Personal Profile

Mr. Sikandar Irfan is a young and energetic Parliamentarian who has been taking active part in politics since his student age. The hall mark of his political career is that he has been a very active individual in extending his hand to the people in need; particularly in situation of epidemics, floods, earthquakes and poverty eradication programmes and related matters.

Mr. Sikandar Irfan has also developed his competency in Financial matters. On the bases of his expertise, Mr. Irfan has been selected to play a pivotal role in one of the high valued Committee of the House, \"the Finance Committee\". He has a lot of contributions towards seminars, workshops, conferences on Financial management.

The best thing is that he has been doing this all as an unsung hero without trying to get a credit for what he has been doing. He has spent a lot of his earning on support to the effectees in disasters and has earned a great respect from the people and area he has extended his support in the hour of need.

In the Standing Committees :

STANDING COMMITTEE ON WORKS AND SERVICES DEPARTMENT., STANDING COMMITTEE ON IRRIGATION AND POWER DEPARTMENT, STANDING COMMITTEE ON FOOD DEPARTMENT to which he is a Chairperson, Mr. Sikandar Irfan always focus the rehabilitation and food support programs to the people who in particular have been hit hard by the natural which he is a member and plays a pivotal role in highlighting, recommending support programs for the rehabilitation of those who suffer from disasters.
The Same role he has been playing as a member of a prestigious and high powered FINANCE COMMITTEE of the Parliament in the Secretariat.

Contact Info

Permanent Contact: +92 938 210802 Mob:- +92 345 9210008

Foreign Tours

Country Belgium Purpose of Visit NIL
Country China Purpose of Visit Chaired and lead a 19 members youth delegation to bring reforms to the young and potential leaders of the country, paricularly in the eridication of powerty, deseases, disaster management
Country France Purpose of Visit NIL
Country Hong Kong Purpose of Visit Self educating about the standard of communities related to epedemics
Country Italy Purpose of Visit NIL
Country Netherlands Purpose of Visit NIL
Country Swaziland Purpose of Visit NIL
Country United Arab Emirates Purpose of Visit capacity Building. Visited people from different section of cummunity and shared information pertaining to the interests of the people in terms of education, and other humintarian activities
Country United Kingdom Purpose of Visit NIL
Country United States Purpose of Visit NIL