Sitting on 3rd Jan 2011

Sitting Date 3rd Jan 2011

List of Business

Agenda for the Day
The Proceeding of the House will commence on Monday ,3rd, 2011.
At 03:00 PM

1. Recitation from the Holy Quran and its translation
2. Question Hour
(Answers will be given to the questions regarding the Communication & Works Local Government, Higher Education & Revenue Department)

3. Leave Applications (If Any)
4. Announcement from the Chair (If Any)
5. Privilege Motions (If Any)
6. Adjournment Motions (If Any)
7. Call Attention Notices (If Any)
8. Law Minister, will present “ The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance (Amendment) Bill,2010 for consideration at once.
9. Law Minister, will present “The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance (Amendment) Bill,2010” for passage.
10. Minister Higher Education, will present “ The Iqra National University Bill,2010. for consideration at once.
(Amendments of Dr. Iqbal Din regarding the bill are attached herewith)
11. Minister Higher Education, will present “ The Iqra National University Bill 2010, for the passage.
12. Discussion on the Adjournment Motion No. 229 under Rule.No.73 by Mr. Israr Ullah Khan Gandapur,MPA


Summary of Proceedings


The proceedings of the House commenced with recitation from the Holy Quran followed by its Urdu translation at 3:33 P.M.. Mr. Kiramatullah Khan, Speaker, Provincial Assembly was in the Chair.

2. QUESTION HOUR: Questions related to the Home & Tribal Affairs, Environment, Population Welfare and Health Departments were taken up for answers:-

(a) The following questions were replied:-

i. No. 882 of Mst: Shagufta Malik, MPA.
ii. No. 979 of Mr. Muhammad Javaid Abbassi, MPA on the request of Mufti Kifayatullah, MPA.
iii. No. 1020 of Mufti Syed Janan, MPA. The Minister for Law assured that upon the identification of the honorable Member substitute buildings will be provided to the schools mentioned in the question. The Chair directed to provide rented buildings to the schools in consultation of the honorable Member.

iv. No. 1026 of Mufti Syed Janan, MPA. The Senior Minister for Local Government assured him that the issue raised in question will be discussed in tea-break.

v. No. 1027 of Mufti Syed Janan, MPA. The Senior Minister for Local Government that a meeting will be convene with representatives of Army and District Coordination Officer for arranging payments to the owners of vehicles provided by the local Police to the Army.

vi. No. 1045 of Syed Qalb-e-Hasan, MPA.
vii. No. 1219 of Mst: Ysmin Nazli Jaseem, MPA.

(b) The following questions were lapsed due to absence of the Members:-

i. No. 891 of Mr. Badshah Salih, MPA.
ii. No. 973 of Syed Jafar Shah, MPA
iii. No. 977 of Mr. Muhammad Javaid Abbassi, MPA.
iv. No. 981 of Mr. Muhammad Javaid Abbassi, MPA.
v. No. 1106 of Mr. Shah Hussain Khan, MPA.
vi. No. 1107 of Sardar Shamoon Yar Khan, MPA.
vii. No. 1112 of Mr. Isrrar Ullah Khan Gandapore, MPA.
viii. No. 1113 of Mr. Isrrar Ullah Khan Gandapore, MPA.
ix. No. 1177 of Mr. Naseer Muhammad Mainkhel, MPA.
x. No. 1178 of Mst: Noor Sahar, MPA.
xi. No. 1244 of Mst: Noor Sahar, MPA.

(c) The following questions were not put:

i. No. 1111 of Mufti Syed Janan, MPA.
ii. No. 1206 of Mst: Munawar Sultana, MPA.

(d) Question No. 1005 of Mr. Khushdil Khan Advocate, Deputy Speaker referred to Standing Committee No.21 on Population Welfare Department with the contention that the eligibility criteria mentioned in the advertisement for Family Welfare Assistant(Female) in his question is given as SSC whereas in another question No. 882 criteria for the same post is given as Intermediate, therefore, it seems the violation of Rules made under the Civil Servant Act 1974.


The House granted leave to the following honorable Members:-

i. Hafiz Akhtar Ali (31st December 2010)
ii. Mufti Kifayatullah (31st December 2010)
iii. Mr. Naseer Muhammad Maidadkhel (31st Dec 2010 to 4th Jan 2011)
iv. Mr. Prince Javed (31st December 2010)
v. Mr. Taj Muhammad Khan Trand (31st Dec 2010 to 6th Jan 2011)
vi. Mr. Muhammad Javaid Abbassi (31st Dec 2010 to 3rd Jan 2011)
vii. Mr. Munawar Khan Advocate (30th Dec to 31st Dec 2010)
viii. Al-Haj Sanaullah Khan Miankhel (3rd Jan to 7th Jan 2011)
ix. Mr. Isrrar Ullah Khan Gandapore (3rd January 2011)
x. Haji Qalandar Khan Lodhi (3rd January 2011)
xi. Mr. Wajeeh-uz-Zaman Khan (3rd January 2011)
xii. Dr. Zakirullah Khan (3rd January 2011)
xiii. Mr. Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao (3rd January 2011)
xiv. Arbab Muhammad Ayub Jan, (3rd January 2011)
Minister for Agriculture
xv. Mr. Inayatullah Khan Jadoon (3rd January 2011)
xvi. Dr. Iqbal Din (3rd January 2011)
xvii. Mr. Qaser Wali Khan (3rd January 2011)
xviii. Mr. Shah Hussain Khan (3rd January 2011)


· Adjournment Motion No. 230 by Mr. Khushdil Khan Advocate, Deputy Speaker relating to load shading of electricity was moved and admitted under rule 73 of the Provincial Assembly Procedure and Conduct of Business Rules, 1988 for discussion. Mufti said Janan, MPA was given opportunity to raise the similar matter on his calling attention notice No. 426.


· Call Attention Notice No. 435 by Mr. Muhammad Ali Khan, MPA was moved and the concerned Minister made statement thereon.

The above Bill was considered and passed by the House upon the motions of Barrister Arshad Abdullah, Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs & Human Right.


The Iqra National University Bill, 2010 was referred to a Select Committee upon the motion of Minister for Higher Education comprising of the following honorable Members:-
1. Mr. Abdul Akbar Khan
2. Mr. Isrrar Ullah Khan Gandapore
3. Mr. Sikandar Irfan
4. Dr. Iqbal Din

The Committee was given fifteen days to present report to the Assembly.

8. The sitting was adjourned till 10:00a.m. of Tuesday, 4th January, 2011