Message of the Speaker

asad-qaiserIt gives me immense pleasure that the Website of the Assembly Secretariat is been maintained up to date as long as the information is made available to the IT Section. Not only that, I am also pleased to know that the IT staff is making a good use of their Web Servers to maintain online communiqué with MPAs and all those who matter through Short Messaging System(SMS) making it possible to quickly inform Members about the Sessions, Committees meetings and related issues.

I am delighted to see that the Website not only provides support to the respected Members of this August House in legislative updates/strengthening but it also provides a threshold to general public and respective constituents to follow and monitor the matters of public interest pertaining to the Assembly Business and their representatives. I wish the Website continues a high standard of information sharing vis-à-vis, Debates, Reports, Decisions upload etc. I also wish the Website a good luck with the hope that the efforts of the IT section and Assembly Secretariat will achieve the benchmark they have set for this Secretariat with the passage of time.

(Asad Qaiser)

Speaker Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa