Call Attentions

Number Date Mover Subject Department Status
CAN.No.2505 13th Dec 2022 Wilson Wazir
Developmental funds allocated for Minority (religious places) Auqaf, Hajj, Religion & Minority Affairs Answered
CAN.NO.2578 13th Dec 2022 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Revenue Answered
CAN.No.2567 12th Dec 2022 Arbab Jehandad Khan
Post Mortarm examination timings Health Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2556 12th Dec 2022 Inayat Ullah
Nisar Ahmad
Malak Badsha Saleh
Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Issue of Reggi Model town ownership Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN. No.2527 31st Oct 2022 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Naeema Kishwar
Salah Uddin Momand
Regarding the merger of Directorate of culture into Tourism department Sports, Culture, Tourism & Museums Referred to Committee
CAN.No 2547 31st Oct 2022 Baserat Khan
Other Answered
2470 20th Sep 2022 Sardar Khan
To inform all the affected families through telephone or by other means regarding rehabilitation and relief programs Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN.No.2533 20th Sep 2022 Sharafat Ali
To take preventive measures against the natural disasters Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
2506 19th Sep 2022 Shah Dad Khan
Fixed Pays of district and Tehsil khateeb Hajj & Auqaf Answered
2511 19th Sep 2022 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Lack of teachers in Tehsil Waree village Govt.Boys Primary School Dir Bala Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN.No.2525 13th Sep 2022 Inayat Ullah
Ban on Flour supply from Punjab to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Answered
CAN.No.2524 13th Sep 2022 Malak Badsha Saleh
To inquire the grant of rehabilitation projects in PK-10 Communication & Works Answered
CAN.No.2500 12th Sep 2022 Wilson Wazir
Issue of Endowment fund to the Victims of Blast at Kohati Al.Saint Church Auqaf, Hajj, Religion & Minority Affairs Answered
CAN.No.2512 12th Sep 2022 Zafar Azam
Tube-well issue Public Health Engineering Answered
CAN.No.2422 16th Aug 2022 Baserat Khan
To Extend the BRT Service to Jamrod as well. Transport Answered
CAN.No.2451 16th Aug 2022 Bahdur Khan
Establishment of offices of 1122 and Fire brigades in Tehsil Munda District Dir Lower Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN.No.2467 15th Aug 2022 Salah Uddin Momand
Worst Condition of roads near saifan chowk Kohat road Irrigation Answered
CAN.No.2474 15th Aug 2022 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
provision of clean and quality drinking water to the residents of Gulshan Rehman Colony Kohat road Communication & Works Answered
CAN.No.2429 1st Aug 2022 Ikhtiar Wali
Other Answered
CAN.No.2482 29th Jul 2022 Baserat Khan
Increasing ratio of drugs addiction Social Welfare Answered
CAN.No.2483 29th Jul 2022 Sardar Khan
Rehabilitation of Schools in sur-deri Malam Jabba Swat Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN.No.2462 26th Jul 2022 Rehana Ismail
Delay in Awarding degrees to Engineering university students Higher Education Answered
CAN.No.2473 22nd Jul 2022 Bahdur Khan
Dawdling Construction of Manda to Khazana Road by FWO Communication & Works Referred to Committee
CAN.No. 2423 18th Jul 2022 Baserat Khan
lack of facilities in DHQ Hospital Landikotal Health Answered
CAN.No.2387 10th Jun 2022 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Mokey Pox disease Health Answered
CAN.No.2399 10th Jun 2022 Zafar Azam
Shifting of road from Laghari Banda Communication & Works Answered
2254 31st May 2022 Samar Haroon Bilour
shortage of the traffic police in PK-78 Home Answered
2355 31st May 2022 Sobia Shahid
Mines Allotment by the Department Mineral Development Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2377 30th May 2022 Malak Badsha Saleh
Sports, Culture, Tourism & Museums Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2373 30th May 2022 Inayat Ullah
Housing Answered
CAN.No.2344 23rd May 2022 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Shagufta Malik
Mian Nisar Gul
Appointment of 481 Nursing Staff in the Merged Areas Health Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2374 23rd May 2022 Humaira Khatoon
Issue of Printing of textbooks Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN. No.2280 13th May 2022 Shahida
Appointments on Sehat Card in private hospitals Health Answered
CAN.No.2347 13th May 2022 Sahibzada SanaUllah
To review the procedure of Allotment of Houses for Assembly Secretariat Employees Other Referred to Committee
2256 21st Mar 2022 Sobia Shahid
Finance Answered
CAN.No. 2273 18th Mar 2022 Humaira Khatoon
50% increase in the books and notebooks rate in the Province Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN No. 2334 15th Mar 2022 Humaira Khatoon
Issue of payments to all the doc's, Technicians and staff worked in Covid -19 Health Answered
CAN No.2339 15th Mar 2022 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Discussion on lumpy skin disease Livestock Answered
CAN.No.2253 14th Mar 2022 Samar Haroon Bilour
To postpone the decision of removing the residences of Christians residents living adjacent to Saint Jhons School and Church Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN.No.2305 14th Mar 2022 Waqar Ahmad Khan
To appoint doctors on all the vacant posts Health Answered
CAN.No.2297 10th Mar 2022 Baserat Khan
To convert Govt. High School dara Adam khel into Govt. Higher Secondary School Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN.No.2168 14th Jan 2022 Zafar Azam
ready made garments projects Industries, Commerce & Labour Answered
CAN.No.2206 14th Jan 2022 Shafiq Afridi
Rehabilitation of Schools in Pk-107 Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN.No. 2190 11th Jan 2022 Sobia Shahid
To fill all the vacant posts under the rules and the policy Home Answered
CAN.No.2201 11th Jan 2022 Shafiq Afridi
To sanction salaries to all those employees who have been reinstated by the Hon'able courts Home Answered
CAN.No.2150 3rd Jan 2022 Nisar Ahmad
To fill the remaining vacant posts advertised in November 2020 Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN.No.2182 31st Dec 2021 Inayat Ullah
2013 CDLD Program for Malakand division Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2182 31st Dec 2021 Inayat Ullah
Siraj Uddin
Syed Fakhar Jahan
Humaira Khatoon
Community Driven Development Program (CDLP) Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2175 28th Dec 2021 Ikhtiar Wali
To release the pay checks for the rehabilitation and compensate the IDP's of Ex-Fata Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN.No.2024 27th Dec 2021 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Acquisition of land for Swat Expressway Way (Phase-II) Communication & Works Answered
2164 26th Nov 2021 Sahibzada SanaUllah
To consider all the candidates from Dir Bala who Passed the ETEA test Home Answered
CAN.No.2176 26th Nov 2021 Sardar Hussain
To enquire all the (Multiple) SIMS being issued/registered on Female CNIC's in PK-22 Inter Provincial Coordination Answered
CAN.No.2048 22nd Nov 2021 Inayat Ullah
PPHI Contract Employees Health Answered
CAN.No.2039 12th Nov 2021 Humaira Khatoon
demand to ban music in private vehicles carrying students. Home Answered
CAN.No.2155 12th Nov 2021 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Naeema Kishwar
E-transfer policy in the education department and exempt ban on Mutual transter, fictinalization new schools and single school teacher Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN.No.2106 9th Nov 2021 Sardar Mohammad Yousaf Zaman
To reconsider the deforestation policy of restraining the residents of sern velly. Konsh velly ballakot etc in distrcit Mansehra Forest Answered
CAN.No.2146 8th Nov 2021 Shagufta Malik
Lack of Medical staff and facilities in District Headquarter Hospital Hangu Health Answered
CAN.No.2161 8th Nov 2021 Pakhtoon yar Khan
Overage issue of 57(ETEA) Passed candidates currently placed on waiting list. Home Answered
CAN.No.2139 26th Oct 2021 Inayat Ullah
Dividing Malakand division into two divisions Revenue Answered
2081 25th Oct 2021 Ikhtiar Wali
To provide facilities to coal mine workers and attach them with the workers welfare board Mines & Minerals Department Answered
CAN.No.2113 25th Oct 2021 Mir Kalam Wazir
Lack of Quarters in Miran Shah Civil Colony waziristan Other Answered
CAN.No.2104 18th Oct 2021 Ranjeet Singh
To establish Shamshan Ghats in various districts Hajj & Auqaf Answered
CAN.No.2151 18th Oct 2021 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Inclusion of Kidney Transplant and Covid treatment in the Sehat insaaf card for the residents of Merged areas(Ex-Fata) Health Answered
CAN.No.1976 4th Oct 2021 Bahdur Khan
Ghost Schools due to lack of Staff in PK-16 Dir Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN.No.2070 4th Oct 2021 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Mutation Revenue Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2103 20th Sep 2021 Salah Uddin Momand
Inayat Ullah
Ahmad Kundi
National Electrically policy indicative Generation capacity expansion plan (IGCEP 2021-30) Power Referred to Committee
CAN.No.1964 20th Sep 2021 Ikhtiar Wali
To compensate the Medical Students in examination due to covid-19 Health Answered
CAN.No.2000 17th Sep 2021 Sardar Aurangzeb
Rehabilitation services required after the monsoon rainfall in Abbottabad Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN.No.2003 17th Sep 2021 Hafiz Isam Ud Din
Electricity issue and uncompleted Power project in Waziristan Power Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2097 13th Sep 2021 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Electricity Bills Power Answered
CAN.No.2088 3rd Sep 2021 Malak Badsha Saleh
Re-consideration and construction of Sming road Communication & Works Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2080 31st Aug 2021 Abdul Ghafar
Appointment of out stationed employees in the department Law & Parliamentary Affairs Answered
CAN.No.2060 30th Aug 2021 Humaira Khatoon
Water Tank in Swati Pattak has become Dilapidated Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN.No.2074 30th Aug 2021 Muhammad Shafiq
To include some other areas in special developmental package being approved for Zakha khail Planing & Development Answered
CAN.No.2063 24th Aug 2021 Mian Nisar Gul
To Regularization of midwives working under the MNCH program Health Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2068 24th Aug 2021 Shah Dad Khan
To reconstruct the Tarali bridge shakardara Kohat Communication & Works Answered
CAN.No.1980 23rd Aug 2021 Khushdil Khan
Disease Son Quota in Health Department District Bannu Health Referred to Committee
CAN.No.2020 23rd Aug 2021 Waqar Ahmad Khan
To compensate the property owners , hotel and other building owners according to market rates in swat Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN.No.2042 6th Aug 2021 Humaira Khatoon
Unavailability of Lady Doctors in Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Alaee, District Batagram Health Answered
CAN.No.2019 6th Aug 2021 Shah Dad Khan
To redesignate Assistant Programmers to the post of Assistant Directors Finance Answered
CAN.No.1974 3rd Aug 2021 Baserat Khan
Riaz Khan
Bab-e-Khyber Communication & Works Answered
CAN.No.2017 2nd Aug 2021 Inayat Ullah
Exclusion of different cadres from salary increase by the Provincial Government Finance Answered
CAN.No.2018 30th Jul 2021 Inayat Ullah
Public Service Commission Policy Establishment Referred to Committee
CAN.No.1978 30th Jul 2021 Khushdil Khan
causes of non issuing the appointment orders to successful candidates after completing all codal formalities. "filling vacant post of managerial staff " Planing & Development Referred to Committee
CAN.No.1825 7th Jun 2021 Inayat Ullah
Siraj Uddin
Humaira Khatoon
To appoint senior faculty member and doctors on permanent basis in GKMC Health Referred to Committee
CAN.No.1766 7th Jun 2021 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Release of amount being paid in advance to the Govt. for sugar Industries, Commerce & Labour Answered
CAN.No.1749 4th Jun 2021 Naeema Kishwar
Building of Girls Primary School Janderpar Gujjar Garhi Mardan Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN.No.1763 4th Jun 2021 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Kanju township District swat Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN.No.1837 3rd Jun 2021 Bilawal Afridi
Illegal sale of medical equipment and medicines from Civil Hospital Jamrod Health Answered
CAN.No.1848 3rd Jun 2021 Shah Dad Khan
To regularize all Khutba in Mosques of the Province Hajj & Auqaf Answered
CAN.No.1787 1st Jun 2021 Shahida
Ehsaas Support Program & Benazir Income support Program Inter Provincial Coordination Answered
CAN.No.1842 1st Jun 2021 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Recent rains and hail storm in Malakand Division and Dir bala Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN.No.1739 28th May 2021 Malak Badsha Saleh
Hydel power station in PK-10 under the EU project Power Answered
CAN.No.1762 25th May 2021 Hidayat ur Rahman
Settlement Record in Upper/Lower Dir Revenue Answered
CAN.No.1743 24th May 2021 Baserat Khan
Need of District Zakat officer and to investigate the distribution process in district Khyber Zakat & Usher, Auqaf, Hajj & Religious Affairs Answered
CAN.No.1805 24th May 2021 Samar Haroon Bilour
Unavailability of Math Teacher for class 9th and 10th in Shahabudding High School Peshawar Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN No.1705 26th Apr 2021 Rehana Ismail
To reconsider the decision of weekend lock down Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN.No.1683 23rd Apr 2021 Inayat Ullah
Issue related to retirements of Levis Employees in Malakand Division Home Answered
CAN.No.1728 23rd Apr 2021 Jamshed Khan
Health Facilities for Covid-19 patients in Mardan Hospitals Health Answered
1687 20th Apr 2021 Shahida
Illegal Housing Society Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN.No.1695 20th Apr 2021 Mir Kalam Wazir
To review the policies and avoid protests Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN.No.1698 19th Apr 2021 Khushdil Khan
Financial Crises of University of Agriculture, D.I Khan Higher Education Answered
CAN No.1694 16th Apr 2021 Faisal zeb
Demand of the formation of a joint investigation team (JIT) to probe the kidnapping and killing of 16 Coal miners in Shangla Home Answered
CAN No.1623 12th Apr 2021 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Law & order situation in Hayatabad Peshawar Home Answered
CAN No.1666 12th Apr 2021 Naeema Kishwar
To adjust all the 27 employees irrigation department from Ex-Fata into other departments Irrigation Answered
CAN.No.1693 12th Apr 2021 Humaira Khatoon
Regarding the employment tenure of Female Professor Jinnah College Peshawar university Establishment Answered
CAN No. 1675 9th Apr 2021 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Demand on the establishment of observation homes in police stations as per Juvenile system act 2018 and Children Protection and welfare act 2010 Social Welfare Answered
CAN No.1676 9th Apr 2021 Inayat Ullah
Demand of Service structure by nurses in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Answered
CAN No.1455 25th Jan 2021 Faisal zeb
Worst Condition of road in pk -24 District Shangla Communication & Works Answered
CAN No.1522 25th Jan 2021 Humaira Khatoon
Issue in MRI Machine in LRH Health Answered
CAN No.1450 18th Jan 2021 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Release of funds to the ongoing projects in upper and lower dir Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN No.1545 18th Jan 2021 Inayat Ullah
Re-reinstatement of Levis (khasadar) force employees expelled from service on Sep 13, 2009 Home Answered
CAN No.1464 15th Jan 2021 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Provision of a permanent school building for GPS Chargo shah UC Kanjoo Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN No.1508 12th Jan 2021 Ahmad Kundi
Compensation to the families of deceased and injured in road accident on 10th Nov,2020 Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN No.1531 12th Jan 2021 Nisar Ahmad
To re-constitute a committee to investigate the case of accident on 07 Sep,2020 Mineral Development Answered
CAN No.1445 11th Jan 2021 Inayat Ullah
Irregularities in Islamia College University Peshawar Higher Education Answered
CAN No.1480 11th Jan 2021 Shagufta Malik
Ban on student Quota for Ex-Fata students in Punjab Inter Provincial Coordination Answered
CAN No.1527 11th Dec 2020 Munawar Khan
Illegal appointments in University of Lakki Marwat Higher Education Answered
CAN No.1539 11th Dec 2020 Zafar Azam
Hayatabad incident on 5th December,2020 Home Answered
CAN 1451 8th Dec 2020 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Incomplete Construction of Nihag Dara Roads and use of poor material Communication & Works Answered
CAN No.1446 7th Dec 2020 Inayat Ullah
Humaira Khatoon
Siraj Uddin
Olive cultivation in the Province Forest Answered
CAN No.1495 7th Dec 2020 Ahmad Kundi
To ensure the water availability in DI Khan irrigation channels Irrigation Referred to Committee
CAN No.1525 4th Dec 2020 Akram Khan Durrani
Regarding the Provincial Govt. Policies to tackle the situation during Covid-19 Health Answered
CAN 1515 4th Dec 2020 Khushdil Khan
Drawing attention towards the brutal killing of 4 years old girl at Tela Band in PK-70 Home Answered
CAN 1524 2nd Dec 2020 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Khushdil Khan
To Prevent the Appointment of Special Secretary in the Provincial Assembly for the third time after Removal. Other Answered
CAN No.1490 2nd Dec 2020 Sardar Khan
Land Registry from 1925 to 1982 in Swat Revenue Answered
CAN 1428 27th Oct 2020 Mir Kalam Wazir
Regarding the upper age limit to be increased from 30 to 33 for EX-Fata Studentsin PMS Exams Other Answered
CAN 1433 27th Oct 2020 Naeema Kishwar
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa bar council Strike Law Answered
CAN 1337 26th Oct 2020 Hafiz Isam Ud Din
Regarding the Packages for the rehabilitation of Shops and markets in Waziristan Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Referred to Committee
CAN 1362 26th Oct 2020 Nisar Ahmad
Death Compensation for the family of the deceased Rasheed Gul Mineral Development Answered
CAN 1351 23rd Oct 2020 Humaira Khatoon
Traffic Congestion caused by Heavy vehicles in Hayatabad Transport Answered
CAN 1427 23rd Oct 2020 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Out of Turn Promotion of Cadet law Instructors in Police Department Other Referred to Committee
CAN 1284 18th Sep 2020 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Delay in the Provision of Staff to GGPS Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 1329 18th Sep 2020 Muhammad Shafiq
Demand of Special Package for PK 107 Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN 1323 15th Sep 2020 Naeema Kishwar
Collection of 1% Tax on Transfers by TMAs Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Referred to Committee
CAN 1319 15th Sep 2020 Mehmood Ahmad Khan
Delay in initiating the work on Sabirabad Road Tank Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN 1314 14th Sep 2020 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Dysfunctional Imaging Machine in Timergara Hospital Health Answered
CAN 1287 14th Sep 2020 Khushdil Khan
Causes of high mortality rate during Covid-19 Health Referred to Committee
CAN 1285 8th Sep 2020 Asia Saleh Khattak
Allotment of Graveyard without verification Revenue Referred to Committee
CAN 1291 8th Sep 2020 Bahdur Khan
Imposition of heavy fines by DFO Environment Answered
CAN 1252 7th Sep 2020 Ahmad Kundi
Ensuring Provision of Water from Chashma Right Bank Canal Irrigation Referred to Committee
CAN 1309 7th Sep 2020 Faisal zeb
Inayat Ullah
Siraj Uddin
Humaira Khatoon
Waqar Ahmad Khan
Devastation caused by the floods Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN No.1232 4th Sep 2020 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Exclusion of Zone-II from the new appointments in Forest Department and provision of short listed candidates Forest Answered
CAN No.1282 4th Sep 2020 Khushdil Khan
Shortage of Higher Staff in different Universities of Khyber Pakhtunkwha Higher Education Answered
CAN 1288 4th Sep 2020 Khushdil Khan
Drawing attention to the vacant posts of VCs in differtent Universities Higher Education Answered
CAN 1258 1st Sep 2020 Shagufta Malik
Posting of Department's own employees Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN 1307 1st Sep 2020 Rehana Ismail
Opening of OPDs of hospitals closed earlier on account of Corona Virus Health Answered
CAN 1233 1st Sep 2020 Rehana Ismail
Closure of OPDs in the hospitals Health Answered
CAN 1251 31st Aug 2020 Malak Badsha Saleh
Status of Micro Hydel Projects in PK-10 Power Answered
CAN 1266 31st Aug 2020 Sardar Khan
Demand for Girls Primry School in PK 03 Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 1234 25th Aug 2020 Inayat Ullah
Illegal appointment of Nursing Director MTI KTH Health Answered
CAN 1250 25th Aug 2020 Sardar Aurangzeb
Closure of Maktab School in PK-37 Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 1219 11th Aug 2020 Nisar Ahmad
Abysmal Condition of Road from Yakaghund to Ghalanai Communication & Works Answered
CAN 1212 11th Aug 2020 Mehmood Ahmad Khan
Hindrances in initiating work on Mamrez Bridge Communication & Works Answered
CAN 1184 10th Aug 2020 Shakeel Bashir khan
Unavailability of Wheel Guard around Lower Swat Canal Other Answered
CAN 1191 10th Aug 2020 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Pending posting cases of the Management Medical Cadre in Health Department Health Answered
CAN 1195 7th Aug 2020 Sardar Aurangzeb
Awarding Marks of Shahadatul Alamiya Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 1206 7th Aug 2020 Khushdil Khan
Changes made in the Text Books of Class 4 Elementary & Secondary Education Referred to Committee
CAN 1197 4th Aug 2020 Shagufta Malik
Problems being faced by Lissaele Walmahroom Organization Social Welfare Answered
CAN 1149 3rd Aug 2020 Rehana Ismail
Polluted water being used for irrigating the vegetable fields Irrigation Lapsed
CAN 1185 3rd Aug 2020 Madiha Nisar
Problems being faced by employees of Worker Welfare Board Other Answered
CAN 1173 31st Jul 2020 Ayesha Bano
Setting the limit of minimum of 3 years of posting at one place for Investigation Officers Other Answered
CAN 1193 31st Jul 2020 Ranjeet Singh
Ensuring the Minority Quota of 5% in employment Other Answered
CAN 1170 28th Jul 2020 Shahida
Arrangement of proper building for Dar ul Amaan Social Welfare Answered
CAN 1123 27th Jul 2020 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Non Regularization of Special Police Force in Upper Dir Other Answered
CAN 1145 24th Jul 2020 Salah Uddin Momand
Collecting bribes in the name of taxes from Trucks carrying edible foods Other Answered
CAN 1100 24th Jul 2020 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Sardar Khan
Impoverishment of the People of Swat relying on Tourism due to Corona Virus Other Answered
CAN 1167 17th Jul 2020 Naeema Kishwar
Denotifying 68 Policemen in Lakki Marwat Other Answered
CAN No.1142 14th Jul 2020 Inayat Ullah
Discontinuity in the provision of Salaries to Adhoc Doctors Health Answered
CAN 1156 14th Jul 2020 Rehana Ismail
Vacant post of Chairman Text Book Board Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 1104 13th Jul 2020 Khushdil Khan
Setting ablazed the Forests planted under Billion Tree Tsunami Environment Answered
CAN 1130 13th Jul 2020 Humaira Khatoon
Ensuring the Payment of Pensions of Elderly People and disabled persons at their homes Finance Answered
CAN No.1097 10th Jul 2020 Sardar Hussain
To fix the Problems related to Irrigation on Mehsool Khotay Road, Buner Irrigation Answered
CAN No. 1127 10th Jul 2020 Malak Badsha Saleh
To take care of Expensive wood lying in PK-10 upper dir kohistan Environment Answered
CAN 1097 10th Jul 2020 Sardar Hussain
Drawing attention towards Mehsool Kot Road condition Communication & Works Answered
CAN 1127 10th Jul 2020 Malak Badsha Saleh
Drawing attention towards Wood being wasted Environment Answered
CAN 1110 10th Jul 2020 Mir Kalam Wazir
Flooding on Tochi River in North Waziristan Irrigation Answered
CAN No.1099 7th Jul 2020 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Fixing the road shoulders and inquest using the substandard material in the construction of 6km road from Nusrat Chowk to Langed in Swat Communication & Works Answered
CAN No.1110 7th Jul 2020 Mir Kalam Wazir
Archaeology Answered
CAN 1099 7th Jul 2020 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Low Quality work on Nusrat Chowk Road Communication & Works Answered
CAN No.1098 6th Jul 2020 Samar Haroon Bilour
To initiate an inquiry to probe into the matter of deleting Khatam-e- Nabuwat chapter from the syllabus of fourth grade and other Primary level classes. Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 1101 6th Jul 2020 Naeema Kishwar
Preventing the attacks of Locusts Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN No.755 14th Jan 2020 Humaira Khatoon
7% increase in drug prices Health Answered
CAN No.773 14th Jan 2020 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Admission problems in BS program in Dir Bhala Higher Education Answered
CAN No.926 14th Jan 2020 Khushdil Khan
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Lawyers Strike Law & Parliamentary Affairs Answered
CAN 929 14th Jan 2020 Aghaz IkramUllah Gandapur
Conversion of Kalachi Town into District Revenue Referred to Committee
CAN No.881 10th Jan 2020 Sardar Hussain
murder of 9 year old in Chagarzai Buner Other Answered
CAN No.892 10th Jan 2020 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Dispute on land ownership between the landowners and Revenue and forest department Revenue Answered
CAN No.914 7th Jan 2020 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Against the VC of Khyber Medical University Higher Education Answered
CAN 847 7th Jan 2020 Sardar Khan
Imposition of heavy fines Mines & Minerals Department Answered
CAN No.771 6th Jan 2020 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Number of ventilators in LRH ICU Health Answered
CAN 887 6th Jan 2020 Shafiq Afridi
Provision of facilities along borders Other Answered
CAN 812 6th Jan 2020 Samar Haroon Bilour
Establishment of Proper Desk and Washroom Facilities in Police Stations Other Answered
CAN No.837 3rd Jan 2020 Sardar Aurangzeb
To initiate the Subsides Tall System in Galyat Hazara Division Environment Answered
CAN 871 3rd Jan 2020 Naeema Kishwar
Irregularities in the Institute of Management Sciences Higher Education Answered
CAN 876 3rd Jan 2020 Inayat Ullah
Spread of Leishmaniasis Health Answered
CAN 877 3rd Jan 2020 Hidayat ur Rahman
Class IV posts in DHO Office Chitral Health Answered
CAN 833 2nd Jan 2020 Shagufta Malik
Children of Martyred Policemen deprived of their rights Other Answered
CAN 857 2nd Jan 2020 Rehana Ismail
Township in ADA Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN 873 2nd Jan 2020 Khushdil Khan
Plice operations in Maryamzai, Mashookhel, Surizai, Sulemankhel Other Answered
CAN 874 2nd Jan 2020 Munawar Khan
Related to the site of Nursing College in Lakki Marwat Health Answered
CAN 867 30th Dec 2019 Akram Khan Durrani
Delay in the postings of Management Cadre in Education Department Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN No. 786 27th Dec 2019 Liaqat Ali Khan
Other Answered
CAN No.798 24th Dec 2019 Bahdur Khan
Dispute between Nawab of Dir and Ex-Servicemen in PK-16 Archaeology Answered
CAN No.828 24th Dec 2019 Shagufta Malik
WHO report and declaration of Peshawar as most polluted City Environment Answered
CAN No.754 23rd Dec 2019 Humaira Khatoon
Deaths of prisoners in Central Jail Peshawar Other Answered
CAN No.515 24th Sep 2019 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Lack of Facilities in Dr. Khan Shaheed Degree College District Kabl Swat Higher Education Answered
CAN No.555 24th Sep 2019 Sardar Khan
Class IV Appointments Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 494 23rd Sep 2019 Samar Haroon Bilour
Progress of implementation of Disabled Quota of 4% Other Answered
CAN 498 23rd Sep 2019 Faisal zeb
Incomplete Construction of BHU Shikawala Health Answered
CAN No.485 30th Aug 2019 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Death Compensation for the Malakand Division Coal Miners working in Balochistan Other Answered
CAN No.554 30th Aug 2019 Humaira Khatoon
In solidarity with IOK, All indian channels on Cable Network must be banned in Pakistan Information & Public Relation Answered
CAN 530 29th Aug 2019 Asia Saleh Khattak
Difficulty in obtaining equivalncy certificate for A levels and O levels Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 528 29th Aug 2019 Shahida
Killing after Sexual abuse of Little Girl Other Answered
CAN 544 29th Aug 2019 Muhammad Abdul Salam
Kidnapping of Little girl Iqra Other Answered
CAN 437 22nd Jul 2019 Inayat Ullah
Smuggling of Books in Dir Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 375 22nd Jul 2019 Samar Haroon Bilour
Maintenance of Primary School Bahlol Dana Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN No.414 19th Jul 2019 Humaira Khatoon
Unavailability of Girls School building in Bara Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN No.377 19th Jul 2019 Waqar Ahmad Khan
University of Swat Higher Education Answered
CAN 353 18th Jul 2019 Inayat Ullah
Delay in the construction of UET Campus Dir Higher Education Answered
CAN No.349 15th Jul 2019 Hidayat ur Rahman
To consider Wafaq Ul Madaris sanad as a Masters Degree Higher Education Answered
CAN No.424 15th Jul 2019 Aghaz IkramUllah Gandapur
Unrest in PK-99 due to Batani tribe Other Answered
CAn 391 12th Jul 2019 Sardar Khan
Launching Agriculture Department at Swat University Higher Education Answered
CAN 406 12th Jul 2019 Muhammad Zahir Shah
Expanding Skarp Project ‏‏Agriculture & Information Technology Answered
CAN 340 2nd May 2019 Shagufta Malik
Illegal detention by DC Bajaur Other Answered
CAN 315 2nd May 2019 Ahmad Kundi
Elimination of FDA Planing & Development Answered
CAN 239 16th Apr 2019 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Merging DHQ Hospital into Teaching Hospital in Swat Health Answered
CAN 271 16th Apr 2019 Rehana Ismail
Protecting the historical status of Mohabat Khan Mosque Auqaf, Hajj, Religion & Minority Affairs Answered
CAN 256 15th Apr 2019 Sardar Khan
Appointment in different Schemes in PK-03 Planing & Development Answered
CAN 311 15th Apr 2019 Shagufta Malik
Government's lack of interest in KP Child Protection Commission Social Welfare Answered
CAN 259 12th Apr 2019 Mehmood Ahmad Khan
Delay in the given projects of Planning and Development Planing & Development Answered
CAN 308 12th Apr 2019 Khushdil Khan
Irregularities in KP Education Foundation Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 287 9th Apr 2019 Jamshed Khan
Upgradation of Arabic Teachers Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 297 9th Apr 2019 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Faulty Testing Results in Hospitals due to dysfunctional machinery Health Answered
CAN 302 9th Apr 2019 Khushdil Khan
Absence of Doctors in DHQ Health Answered
CAN 304 9th Apr 2019 Malak Badsha Saleh
Destruction of Shops and Old Trees in Kalkot Dir by Assistant Commisioner Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN 296 8th Apr 2019 Jamshed Khan
Nepotism in SRSP Social Welfare Answered
CAN 309 8th Apr 2019 Bahdur Khan
Posting without advertisement by DEO Dir Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN NO.265 2nd Apr 2019 Khushdil Khan
To completely develop the road near Jameel Chowk Communication & Works Answered
CAN No.266 2nd Apr 2019 Zafar Azam
Contruction of Latambar Dam Karak Irrigation Answered
CAN No.272 2nd Apr 2019 Hidayat ur Rahman
Adhoc Lecturers in Commerce Colleges Higher Education Answered
CAN No.249 1st Apr 2019 Bahdur Khan
Issue of Drinking Water Public Health Engineering Answered
CAN No.285 1st Apr 2019 Madiha Nisar
Downsizing of Teachers in Private schools Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN 262 1st Apr 2019 Inayat Ullah
Ban on Plastic Bottles Health Answered
CAN No.286 28th Mar 2019 Sahibzada SanaUllah
An illegal cutting of timber and grant of sale of timber cut. Forest Answered
CAN No.295 28th Mar 2019 Fazal Shakoor Khan
Sale of Charsadda Paper Mill land’s to housing society. Industries, Commerce & Labour Answered
CAN 240 27th Mar 2019 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Issues in Swat Jail Other Answered
CAN 288 27th Mar 2019 Jamshed Khan
Non Payment of Tobacco Development Cess to PK 55 Finance Answered
CAN 291 27th Mar 2019 Inayat Ullah
Granting/allocating Rs. 100 million and Rs. 70 million since 2013 to kidney centre for patients of kidney transplant & dialysis Health Answered
CAN No.268 26th Mar 2019 Sardar Aurangzeb
To declare Galiyat ravaged by recent Snowfalls as disaster hit areas Other Answered
CAN NO.250 20th Mar 2019 Malak Badsha Saleh
To investigate the Assistant Commissioner Tehsil Kalkot on demolishing shops and cutting tree Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN No.251 20th Mar 2019 Salah Uddin Momand
To Address the Serious issue of Underage driving of one wheeling by the youngster motorcyclists Other Answered
269 19th Mar 2019 Rehana Ismail
Drainage Issue on Khyber Road Peshawar Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN NO.245 18th Mar 2019 Sardar Hussain
Incident in Khaisor village of Mirali Tehsil of North Waziristan. Other Answered
CAN No.260 18th Mar 2019 Inayat Ullah
Zakat Committees Zakat & Usher, Auqaf, Hajj & Religious Affairs Answered
CAN 228 15th Mar 2019 Khushdil Khan
Slow progress in the development of Regi Model Town Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN 234 15th Mar 2019 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Delivery of Service Power Answered
CAN 172 25th Feb 2019 Muhammad Zahir Shah
Compensation for natural disaster's affectees Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department Answered
CAN 195 25th Feb 2019 Samar Haroon Bilour
Pathetic hygienic situation in Primary Schools Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN No.205 12th Feb 2019 Inayat Ullah
Non-availability of permanent pace-maker-life saving devices in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Answered
CAN No.137 12th Feb 2019 Salah Uddin Momand
Escalation in cost of Chicken in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Answered
CAN 130 11th Feb 2019 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Dysfunctional equipment in Swat Hospitals Health Answered
CAN 135 11th Feb 2019 Sardar Aurangzeb
Steps need to be taken for eradicating the menace of Ice Drugs Other Answered
CAN 136 11th Feb 2019 Sardar Aurangzeb
Increase in the Street Crimes Other Answered
CAN No.133 8th Feb 2019 Salah Uddin Momand
Interference on part of the administration in PK-71 Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
128 6th Feb 2019 Rehana Ismail
House Hiring facility for Government Employees Finance Answered
127 6th Feb 2019 Malak Badsha Saleh
Reservations of inhabitants of Kumrat Valley on the Development of National Park Tourism & Museums Answered
42 18th Dec 2018 Inayat Ullah
Insufficient medical facilities in the Central Jail Other Answered
39 17th Dec 2018 Sardar Aurangzeb
Establishment of subsides Tall system in Hazara Division Environment Answered
40 17th Dec 2018 Ayesha Bano
widespread littering by the people Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
37 13th Dec 2018 Inayat Ullah
Police Action against the students of Peshawar University Other Answered
CAN 37 13th Dec 2018 Inayat Ullah
Baton Charge on Students of Peshawar University Other Answered
41 12th Dec 2018 Sardar Hussain
To Appoint PMS or DMG Officers on the Director Anti Corruption and Administration Posts Other Answered
18 29th Oct 2018 Sahibzada SanaUllah
To exempt malakand division from Taxes Finance Answered
09 29th Oct 2018 Sardar Aurangzeb
To take action against the culprits involved in the fire incident in Abbotabad University of Science & tecnology Higher Education Answered
CAN 32 29th Oct 2018 Inayat Ullah
Slow pace of progress of Degree College Barawal Higher Education Answered