Adjournment Motions








ADJ.No.222 11-01-2021 Ms.Nighat Orakzai Discussion on Provision of Basic Necessities in Merged Areas. Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Admitted for discussion
ADJ.No.230  11-12-2020 Mr.Akram Khan Durrani, Ahmad Kundi, Humaira Khatoon Gas & Electricity Load Shedding in the Province. Inter Provincial Coordination Discussed
Adj.No. 219 7-12-2020 Sardar Hussain Babak Covid Situation in the province and closure of Schools to contain Coronavirus Health Discussed
Adj No.220 4-12-2020 Mst. Nighat Yasmin Orakzai Harassment cases in the Universities  Higher Education Discussed
Adj No.213 27-10-2020 Mst. Humaira Khatoon Announcement of Examination Schedule of 2 years Medical Faculty Diploma Health Satisfied
Adj.No.214 27-10-2020 Mst. Nighat Yasmin Orakzai Regarding the issues,problems and lack of basic necessities in Ex- Fata Local Government Admitted for discussion
Adj.No.163 17-7-2020 Mr.Khushdil Khan Covid-19 Situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Discussed
Adj.No.172 24-7-2020 Mr. Ahmad Kundi Excise Duty on Oil  & other Minerals Inter Provincial Coordination Discussed
Adj.No.178 30-7-2020

Mr. Inayatullah Khan,Sirajud din,Humaira Khatoon

Exclusion of upper Chitral from Swat Motorway Phase-2 C&W Discussed
Adj.No.175 27-7-2020 Mr.Inayat Ullah, Mst.Nighat Orakzai, Mst. Humaira Khatoon  Extension in Service of Doctors in LRH Health Discussed
Adj.No.168 07-07-2020 Mr. Ahmad Khan Kundi Non Utilization of water share of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa underwater Accord 1991 Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights Department Discussed
Adj.No.167 06-07-2020 Mr. Inayat Ullah  NFC Award Finance  Discussed
Adj.No.142 14th-01-2020 Mr.Akram Khan Durrani Polio Cases in the Province Health Discussed
Adj.No.141 14th-01-2020 Mr. Inayat Ullah Polio Cases in the Province Health Discussed
Adj.No.137 14th-01-2020 Mst. Naeema Kishwar Polio Cases in the Province Health Discussed
Adj.No.138 10th -01-2020 Mr. Akram Khan Durrani On alleged FTS paper leak  Elementary & Secondary Education  Discussed
Adj.No.95 24th-7- 2019


Mr. Siraj-ud-din

Mst. Humaira Khatoon

Dengue  Health  Discussed
Adj.No.88 18-7-19 Mr. Akram Khan Durrani SST Remonstrance  Elementary and Secondary Educa