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Senior Minister Portfolio Appointed on
Minister Portfolio Appointed on
16th Apr 2021
16th Apr 2021
16th Apr 2021
16th Apr 2021
Zakat & Usher 18th Sep 2020
Elementary & Secondary Education 18th Sep 2020
Relief, Rehabilitation & Settlement Department 4th Jan 2020
Labour and Culture
Social Welfare 4th Jan 2020
Housing 4th Jan 2020
‏‏Agriculture,Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives 30th Aug 2018
Local Government, Elections & Rural Development,Law Parliamentary Affair & Human Rights 18th Sep 2020
Revenue & Estate 30th Aug 2018
Environment, Forest and Wildlife 30th Aug 2018
Health & Finance 30th Aug 2018
Parliamentary Secretary Portfolio Appointed on
Public Health Engineering 26th Jan 2021
Administration 10th Dec 2020
Higher Education 10th Dec 2020
Advisor Portfolio Appointed on
Food 18th Sep 2020
Special Assistants Portfolio Appointed on
Anti-Corruption,Complaint Cell and PIT 4th Jan 2020
Minority Affairs 4th Jan 2020
Population Welfare 4th Jan 2020
Prisons 4th Jan 2020
Mines & Minerals Development 4th Jan 2020
Communication & Works 4th Jan 2020
Auqaf, Hajj & Religious Affairs 4th Jan 2020
Higher Education 4th Jan 2020
Industries, Commerce

Opposition Alliance

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