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Number Date Mover Subject Department Status
CAN No.755 14th Jan 2020 Humaira Khatoon
7% increase in drug prices Health Answered
CAN No.773 14th Jan 2020 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Admission problems in BS program in Dir Bhala Higher Education Answered
CAN No.926 14th Jan 2020 Khushdil Khan
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Lawyers Strike Law & Parliamentary Affairs Answered
CAN No.881 10th Jan 2020 Sardar Hussain
murder of 9 year old in Chagarzai Buner Other Answered
CAN No.892 10th Jan 2020 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Sardar Khan
Dispute on land ownership between the landowners and Revenue and forest department Revenue Answered
CAN No.914 7th Jan 2020 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Against the VC of Khyber Medical University Higher Education Answered
CAN No.771 6th Jan 2020 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Number of ventilators in LRH ICU Health Answered
CAN No.837 3rd Jan 2020 Sardar Aurangzeb
To initiate the Subsides Tall System in Galyat Hazara Division Environment Answered
CAN No. 786 27th Dec 2019 Liaqat Ali Khan
Other Answered
CAN No.798 24th Dec 2019 Bahdur Khan
Dispute between Nawab of Dir and Ex-Servicemen in PK-16 Archaeology Answered
CAN No.828 24th Dec 2019 Shagufta Malik
WHO report and declaration of Peshawar as most polluted City Environment Answered
CAN No.754 23rd Dec 2019 Humaira Khatoon
Deaths of prisoners in Central Jail Peshawar Other Answered
CAN No.515 24th Sep 2019 Waqar Ahmad Khan
Lack of Facilities in Dr. Khan Shaheed Degree College District Kabl Swat Higher Education Answered
CAN No.555 24th Sep 2019 Sardar Khan
Class IV Appointments Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN No.485 30th Aug 2019 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Death Compensation for the Malakand Division Coal Miners working in Balochistan Other Answered
CAN No.554 30th Aug 2019 Humaira Khatoon
In solidarity with IOK, All indian channels on Cable Network must be banned in Pakistan Information & Public Relation Answered
CAN No.414 19th Jul 2019 Humaira Khatoon
Unavailability of Girls School building in Bara Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN No.377 19th Jul 2019 Waqar Ahmad Khan
University of Swat Higher Education Answered
CAN No.349 15th Jul 2019 Hidayat ur Rahman
To consider Wafaq Ul Madaris sanad as a Masters Degree Higher Education Answered
CAN No.424 15th Jul 2019 Aghaz IkramUllah Gandapur
Unrest in PK-99 due to Batani tribe Other Answered
CAN NO.265 2nd Apr 2019 Khushdil Khan
To completely develop the road near Jameel Chowk Communication & Works Answered
CAN No.266 2nd Apr 2019 Zafar Azam
Contruction of Latambar Dam Karak Irrigation Answered
CAN No.272 2nd Apr 2019 Hidayat ur Rahman
Adhoc Lecturers in Commerce Colleges Higher Education Answered
CAN No.249 1st Apr 2019 Bahdur Khan
Issue of Drinking Water Public Health Engineering Answered
CAN No.285 1st Apr 2019 Madiha Nisar
Downsizing of Teachers in Private schools Elementary & Secondary Education Answered
CAN No.286 28th Mar 2019 Sahibzada SanaUllah
An illegal cutting of timber and grant of sale of timber cut. Forest Answered
CAN No.295 28th Mar 2019 Fazal Shakoor Khan
Sale of Charsadda Paper Mill land’s to housing society. Industries, Commerce & Labour Answered
CAN No.268 26th Mar 2019 Sardar Aurangzeb
To declare Galiyat ravaged by recent Snowfalls as disaster hit areas Other Answered
CAN NO.250 20th Mar 2019 Malak Badsha Saleh
To investigate the Assistant Commissioner Tehsil Kalkot on demolishing shops and cutting tree Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN No.251 20th Mar 2019 Salah Uddin Mohmand
To Address the Serious issue of Underage driving of one wheeling by the youngster motorcyclists Other Answered
269 19th Mar 2019 Rehana Ismail
Drainage Issue on Khyber Road Peshawar Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
CAN NO.245 18th Mar 2019 Sardar Hussain
Incident in Khaisor village of Mirali Tehsil of North Waziristan. Other Answered
CAN No.260 18th Mar 2019 Inayat Ullah
Zakat Committees Zakat & Usher, Auqaf, Hajj & Religious Affairs Answered
CAN No.205 12th Feb 2019 Inayat Ullah
Non-availability of permanent pace-maker-life saving devices in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Answered
CAN No.137 12th Feb 2019 Salah Uddin Mohmand
Escalation in cost of Chicken in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Answered
CAN No.133 8th Feb 2019 Salah Uddin Mohmand
Interference on part of the administration in PK-71 Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
128 6th Feb 2019 Rehana Ismail
House Hiring facility for Government Employees Finance Answered
127 6th Feb 2019 Malak Badsha Saleh
Reservations of inhabitants of Kumrat Valley on the Development of National Park Tourism & Museums Answered
42 18th Dec 2018 Inayat Ullah
Insufficient medical facilities in the Central Jail Other Answered
39 17th Dec 2018 Sardar Aurangzeb
Establishment of subsides Tall system in Hazara Division Environment Answered
40 17th Dec 2018 Ayesha Bano
widespread littering by the people Local Government, Elections & Rural Development Answered
37 13th Dec 2018 Inayat Ullah
Police Action against the students of Peshawar University Other Answered
41 12th Dec 2018 Sardar Hussain
To Appoint PMS or DMG Officers on the Director Anti Corruption and Administration Posts Other Answered
18 29th Oct 2018 Sahibzada SanaUllah
To exempt malakand division from Taxes Finance Answered
09 29th Oct 2018 Sardar Aurangzeb
To take action against the culprits involved in the fire incident in Abbotabad University of Science & tecnology Higher Education Answered