Budget 2019-20 Documents

Budget Documents

List of all documents of the Budget for FY 2019-2020



S.No. Item 
1 Budget Speech Highlights- Urdu Version
2 Budget Speech Highlights – English Version
3 Annual Budget Statement 2019-20
4 Output Based Budget BESD 2019-20
5 White Paper 2019-20
6 DFG Fresh 2019-20
7 DFG Part-A Prov Assembly-GA-Finance -Tresuries- LFA -P and D -ST and IT- Revenue- Excise- Home- Jails
8  DFG Part-B Police
9 DFG Part-C Administration of Justice
10 DFG Part-D Higher Education
11 DFG Part-E Health
12 DFG Part-F C and W – Roads and Building- PHE- Local Govt- Agri
13 DFG Part-G Livestock Coop- Environment- Wildlife- Fisheries- Irrigation
14 DFG Part-H Ind- Minerals- Stationery- Population- Tech Educ- Labour- Information- SW and WD- Zakat
15 DFG Part-I Pension- Subsy- Investment- Auqaf- Sports, Dist Non Sal- Grant to LCs- Housing- Dist Sal- IPC- Energy- Transport- EnSE- Relief- Food
16 DFG Part-J Newly Merged Areas NMAs
17 DFG Part-K Development
18 DFG Part-L Development NMAs
20 Estimate of Receipts 2019-20
21 Finance Bill 2019
22 Proposed ADP 2019-20
23 Supplementary Budget Speech 2018-19
24 Supplementary Budget Statement  2018-19
25 (Updated) Recommendation of the Government for Demand for Supplementary Grants Budget 2018-19

Governance and Service Delivery in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Conference

Conference on
Governance and Service Delivery in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
An event for disseminating policy-relevant research

DFCA affiliated researchers from Stanford University, UCLA and UC Berkely have been
conducting research on ideas for improving governance and public service delivery in
partnership with public and civil society organizations in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. We are keen
to share our research insights with policy makers, think tanks, academics, the media and the
donor community in KP. The conference will have sessions on giving voice to voters,
inclusive politics and improving public services.



Download (PDF, 392KB)