Number Date Mover Type Subject Department Status
Res.No.100 6th Feb 2019 Inayat Ullah
Federal Creation of Electric Supply Company in Malakand Division Power Passed Unanimously
Res No.99 6th Feb 2019 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Federal To arrest all the people involved in Sahiwal incident. Other Passed Unanimously
--- 6th Feb 2019 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Federal Against the new Hajj policy in which pilgrims are not given any subsidies. Home Passed Unanimously
--- 17th Dec 2018 Ravi Kumar
Provincial Resolution against Pakistan’s addition to religious freedom blacklist Other Passed Unanimously
Res No.22 13th Dec 2018 Mian Nisar Gul
Federal Early approval of Peshawar-DI Khan Motorway construction. Inter Provincial Coordination Passed Unanimously
Res.No.23 13th Dec 2018 Bahdur Khan
Federal Water Scarcity in the Country Public Health Engineering Passed Unanimously
Res No.09 29th Oct 2018 Sardar Hussain
Federal Blocking of National Identity Cards by NADRA Other Passed Unanimously
Res.No.12 29th Oct 2018 Inayat Ullah
Federal To resolve the problems of Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia and take steps for the release of arrested Pakistanis. Other Passed Unanimously
Res No.13 29th Oct 2018 Sahibzada SanaUllah
Federal Provide Pakistanis with immediate and legal support & to Create and implement safeguards for Pakistani workers in Saudi Arabia Other Passed Unanimously
Res No.19 29th Oct 2018 Nighat Yasmin Orakzai
Federal Demand for the life time blue passports for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly members Inter Provincial Coordination Passed Unanimously
Res No.08 29th Oct 2018 Sardar Aurangzeb
Federal Compensation to the Shah Maqsood Interchange Land owners Communication & Works Passed Unanimously
--- 25th Oct 2018 Akram Khan Durrani
Provincial Reinstatement of Sacked Media Employees Other Passed Unanimously
Res.No.01 30th Aug 2018 Sardar Hussain
Federal Issue of Load Shedding & Voltage in the Province Inter Provincial Coordination Passed Unanimously
Res.No.07 30th Aug 2018 Sultan Muhammad Khan
Provincial Resolution to use the Assembly Chamber for the Election to the office of President of Pakistan Other Passed Unanimously
Res.No.06 30th Aug 2018 Fazal Elahi
Federal Resolution against a blasphemous caricature competition in the Netherlands Other Passed Unanimously