Sitting on 27th Aug 2019

Sitting Date 27th Aug 2019

List of Business

Summary of Proceedings


Proceedings of the House commenced with recitation from the Holy Quran followed by its Urdu translation at 03:28a.m. Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani, Speaker, Provincial Assembly was in the chair.

  1. OATH & SIGNING ROLL OF MEMBERS.-The following Members-elect from the merged tribal districts took oath and signed the Roll of Members as required under Article 65 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan read with rule 6 of the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Procedure & Conduct of Business Rules, 1988,-
  2. Mr. Anwar Zeb Khan PK-100 Bajaur-I
    2. Mr. Ajmal Khan PK-101 Bajaur-II
    3. Mr. Siraj-uddin PK-102 Bajaur-III
    4. Mr. Nisar Ahmad PK-103 Mohmand-I
    5. Mr. Abbas ur Rehman PK-104 Mohmand-II
    6. Mr. Shafiq Arfidi PK-105 Khyber-I
    7. Mr. Bilawal Afridi PK-106 Khyber-II
    8. Muhammad Shafique PK-107 Khyber-III
    9. Muhammad Riaz PK-108 Kurram-I
    10. Syed Iqbal Mian PK-109 Kurram-II
    11. Syed Ghazi Ghazan Jamal PK-110 Orakzai
    12. Muhammad Iqbal Khan PK-111 North Waziristan-I
    13. Mr. Mir Kalam Khan PK-112 North Waziristan-II
    14. Hafiz Isam-ud-Din PK-113 South Waziristan-I
    15. Mr. Naseer Ullah Khan PK-114 South Waziristan-II
    16. Muhammad Shoaib PK-115 Ex-Frontier Regions
    17. Ms. Anita Mahsud Women Reserved Seat
    18. Ms. Naeema Kishwar Khan Women Reserved Seat
    19. Mr. Wilson Wazir Non-Muslim Reserved Seat
  3. LEAVE APPLICATIONS.-The House granted leave to the following Honorable Members:-i. Mr. Sultan Muhammad Khan, Minister for Law. (27th August, 2019)
    ii. Dr. Amjad Ali, Minister for Minerals. (27th August, 2019)
    iii. Mr. Salauddin, MPA (27th August, 2019)
    iv. Mr. Sharam Khan, Minister for Local government. (27th August, 2019)
    v. Haji Anwar Hayat Khan, MPA (27th August, 2019)
    vi. Mr. Abdul Kareem, Special Assistant to C.M (27th August, 2019)
    vii. Mr. Munawar Khan, MPA (27th August, 2019)
    viii. Ms. Madiha Nisar, MPA (27th August, 2019)
    xi. Eng: Faheem, MPA (27th August, 2019)
  4. PANEL OF CHAIRMEN.-In pursuance of Rule 14(1) of the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Procedure & Conduct of Business Rules, 1988, the following Honorable Members were nominated by Mr. Speaker in order of precedence in the Panel of Chairmen,-
  5. Mr. Khaliq ur Rehman, MPA
    2. Mr. Per Muhammad Fida Muhammad, MPA
    3. Mr. Muhammad Zahir Shah, MPA
    4. Mr. Inayatullah, MPA5. COMMITTEE ON PETITIONS.-In pursuance of Rule 116(1) of the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Procedure & Conduct of Business Rules, 1988, the following Honorable Members were nominated under the Chairpersonship of Honorable Deputy Speaker to the Committee on Petitions,-

    1. Mr. Muhammad Zahir Shah, MPA
    2. Mr. Muhammad Azam Khan, MPA
    3. Mr. Musawir Khan, MPA
    4. Mr. Rangreez Ahmad, MPA
    5. Mr. Malik Badshah Saleh, MPA
    6. Ms. Sobia Shahid, MPA

  6. MAIDEN SPEECHES.-The Honorable Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition congratulated and welcomed the newly elected Members from the merged Tribal Districts on behalf of the treasury and opposition benches. Thereafter, the following newly elected Members delivered their maiden speeches,-
  7. Mr. Anwar Zeb Khan, MPA
    2. Mr. Siraj-uddin, MPA
    3. Mr. Nisar Ahmad, MPA
    4. Mr. Bilawal Afridi, MPA
    5. Muhammad Shoaib , MPA
    6. Ms. Anita Mahsud, MPA
    7. Ms. Naeema Kishwar Khan, MPA
    8. Mr. Wilson Wazir, MPA
    9. Mr. Ajmal Khan, MPA
    10. Mr. Abbas ur Rehman, MPA
    11. Mr. Muhammad Shafiq Arfidi, MPA
    12. Syed Ghazi Ghazan Jamal, MPA
    13. Muhammad Riaz, MPA
    14. Mr. Shafiq Arfidi, MPA
  8. CONSIDERATION & PASSAGE OF THE KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA CONTROL OF NARCOTICS SUBSTANCES BILL, 2019.-Upon the motions of Mr. Shoukat Yousafzai, Minister for Information, the above captioned Bill was considered clause by clause and passed by the House with the following amendments,-
  9. Amendment of Ms. Shagufta Malik, MPA in clause 11;
    ii. Amendment of Ms. Sumaira Shams, MPA for insertion of new clauses 47A and 47B; and
    iii. Amendment of Mr. Sher Azam Wazir, MPA in clause 57.