Suriya Bibi

Deputy Speaker

PK-1 Chitral Upper


Constituency Address

Mundagh P/O BONI, Awi, Tehsil Mastuj, Dist Chitral






The first ever female member elected on a general seat in the history of Chitral, Ms Suriya Bibi has been actively involved in social activities for the past two decades actively participating in the welfare activities in Chitral. She has earned Masters degree in Urdu (M.A Urdu) in 2002 and since than has been involved in educational sector. She joined politics in 2007 and has been the Vice President of PTI Malakand Division and since than has been entusistically involved in politics under the banner of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf. As a social worker she vigorously worked for the welfare of the people of Chitral and been part of various social and welfare organizations. She worked as organizer for 12 years particularly worked in Agha Khan Rural Support Program. Her important focus is on the social uplift of the women of the society and worked strenuously for the welfare of the female population of Chitral and she remained organizer in SRSP. She also intends to promote infrastructural development of the impoverished region and been involved as organizer in a local government project namely Citizen Infrastructure Project. Ms. Suriya also worked with different communities under the shield of various welfare organizations and worked in Biyar Local Support Organization (BLSO). She has also been keenly interested in the educational uplift of the population and initiated various projects for promotion of education. Been part of AKF as MD she pursued the dream of educating the society.  

2024 - 2029

Constituency PK-1 Chitral Upper
Oath Date 2024-02-28
District Chitral Upper
Party Affiliation Independents
Seat Type General Seat
Membership Type Private Member
Special Position Deputy Speaker
Status Active