Budget for the Financial Year,2021-22 Documents

Budget 2021-22 Notification 

Budget 2021-22  Documents 


Extract of Finance Bill
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Bill,2021

a. Budget Speech 2020-21

b. Annual Budget Statement 2021-22
b. output based budget BESD 2021-24
c. White Paper 2021-22

da. DFG Fresh

db. DFG Part A

dc. DFG Part B

dd. DFG Part C

de. DFG Part D

df. DFG part E

dg. DFg Part F

dh. DFG Part G

di. DFG Part H

dj. DFG Part I

dk. DFG Part J

dl. DFG Part K Development NMAs

dm. DFG Part L Development Settled

e. Estimates of Receipts 2021-22 Full

e. Recommendation of The Government For Demand For Grants Annual Budget 2021-22

f. Supplementary Budget  Speech

j. Recommendation of The Government For Demand For Supplementary Grants Budget 2020-21

k. Supplementary Book 2020-21